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iTunes 10.01 and Fedora 12 (specifically AmahiTunes mt-daapd)

So I had upgraded to iTunes 10 and immediately downgraded back to 9.  Reason being, iTunes stopped seeing my Fedora 12 servers DAAP shared music library.  My server is running Amahi 5.5 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and stores all my ripped mp3's, oggs and flacs.  I was quite content using iTunes to play it as its one of the few decent players on the mac.  Compared to linux, there are very few decent players that support daap.  My player of choice, songbird,  as well as amarok & banshee don't support daap on OSX, but work perfectly in any recent linux.  Hell, even my android phone works over wifi, so I am very happy with the server side setup. So Apple introduces iTunes 10 and totally breaks daap for me.  I expected that Apple would just leave it and expect all the various NAS / streaming server manufacturers to work around iTunes, but amazingly, Apple recently introduced iTunes 10.01, which fixes the issue. It required a restart of the service on the fedora box, which was a qui