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Trim .AVI files on OSX without reencoding

So I wanted to burn some video clips to disk, but the resultant disk image was too big to fit on a dvd. I could have removed one file and it would fit, but the issue was that it was only a few megabytes too much. It seemed like I needed to lose 1 or 2 minutes of video to make it fit. I immediately reached for my usual answer to the problem ffmpeg. FFMpeg, as everybody should know, is the video editing command line tool of choice. It was a simple matter of setting start and end times and clipping the file. However, it normally requires a bit of work getting the parameters right and converting times to seconds, etc. I wasn't in the mood. Secondly, I'm using OSX. There's supposed to be a GUI way to do this. So a few searches later, I had my answer. Enter Streamclip. OpenFile. Seek to the Point you wish to clip. Don't drag a selection, just select the frame you wish to use as the trim point. Now, in th

2010 Admission of Guilt

So. One of my biggest complaints with Linux has been the Audio popping I've been getting which I blamed on PulseAudio. I had gotten used to using my computer with the sound turned low, so didn't notice that the same problem existing using it on OSX. I finally realised it was a speaker problem when I tried to use the speakers without the computer to provide music at a pool party. Lo and behold. Clicking and popping like crazy. So all the time I blamed it on Kubuntu, or PulseAudio, or whatever, it was just the bloody broken speakers...