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Wow. Last one for the March 2017 set and jumping 11 years to 2014 in Barcelona. Personal Jesus is a crowd favourite and probably NOT one of my fave songs. It's very good, but there's probably 10 others that outrank it in my book. What I love about this particular version is how it transitions from a bluesy opening into an even more sleazy version and then slowly drives to a false conclusion, only to be reawakened end rebooted a couple of minutes in. The rebooted version takes cues from some of the remixes, being instantly familiar and different. The slow vocal delivery 2 minutes in is just plain epic. Who woulda thunk how cool it would be that slowed down. Reminds me of an old Shake the disease mix ( i think ). Any fan would flip at the 3.55 mark so do stick around for it. Rollicking and driving like a bus through the speakers. This song has famously been covered by Johnny Cash and Marilyn Manson and they're easy to find

Part 3 of my trip through Live Mode's

Part 3 of my trip through Live Mode's In your room - Paris 2001. Jumping forward another 8 years and Mode are reinventing songs, rearranging them and keeping them alive. They keep making new favourite versions of songs. For YEARS, the Zephyr Mix was my goto one, but the various live In your room versions have crept into the playlist more and more. The vocals are excellent as usual, but this song is so strong musically. The drums & keyboard is so much a part of the driving nature of it. Dave just belts out passion and power. Unusual cover from Tori Amos Don't give up if its too slow for you, try and get to 2 minutes +. ;) The infamous Zephyr Mix Extended still rocks massive! Last one is Martin on his Counterfeit Tour in 2003. Video quality is poor, but song is still strong. I thin

So continuing my theme of Live posts for March 2017, I wanted something from the Devotional Tour 1993.

So continuing my theme of Live posts for March 2017, I wanted something from the Devotional Tour 1993. Main reason would have to be that its the only concert tour that they brought to Cape Town. I saw them both nights (I had to). I absolutely was blown away. Second reason would be remembering my surprise that Alan played drums and Martin played guitar. Alan is particularly good on this tour and ultimately he left after. I am extremely grateful I got to see him play live. Final reason was Dave was going through his California Rock God phase and I imagine the drugs were crazy on that tour. You cannot fault their performance though. If you compare the performance to the Satellite one of 11 years prior, they're a much more polished and accomplished band in all areas. This track in general is fairly widely remixed compared to some of the others. The Live version is probably my fave. The spirtitual guidance remix is particularly epic

First one of 2017 and it's March.

First one of 2017 and it's March. Will try and do 3 in this session. Let's pick a theme and I'm tempted to go with Depeche Mode Live. First one is satellite from 1982. The synth melody in this track is so timeless for me. I have listened to it so many times its scary. Funnily enough, I don't really listen to the album much anymore (A Broken Frame), but I do play the live version now and then especially as I love the version of My Secret Garden they played the same night (previously posted here). It's a slow song, but it has aged well. Nice to see Alan coming into his own. #depechemode nuff said.