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Getting the hang of using EliteOCR to update prices.   Well written and useful app. #eliteocr  #elitedangerous

About last night.

About last night.  So I'm relatively new to ED, but spent a huge chuck of my youth on the original Elite on C64, Amiga and later the sequels on PC.  I've been playing for a few days and managed to hook a good mate (Russell) in.  This is a summary of a 3-4 hour session on Boxing day. So Russell accepts a mission to deliver 4t of Personal Weapons to the Eravate System.  He has about 2 hours to do it and so he starts looking for the stuff.  Meanwhile, I'm doing a trade run which is netting me about 7000cr on one trip and then returning to make about 2600cr on the return leg.  I have a hauler with 16t capacity, but he has the the Sidewinder with 4t.  A couple of hours of this and I plan to get a Viper and  do some serious ship upgrades. We're chatting on Steam and it becomes apparent that he can't find Personal Weapons in stock anywhere nearby.  After a while, I start searching and locate a supplier about 24ly away.  I give him the co-ordinates and he tries to plot a ro