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XBMC - Xbox Media Center with Aeon Skin

Not the best video I could find, but it gives you an idea.


So I mentioned the second pc I bought. It currently runs a stripped down version of MythBuntu which is a version of Ubuntu tailored for Media Center use. It boots into a program called XBMC which is just the most awesome frontend to multimedia that I have ever seen and believe me, I've seen a few. It runs on XBOX (original), Mac, Linux and even Windows! The website is And there some awesome videos on youtube. Give it a look. Will see if I can post a video in the blog.

Distro hopping

So I've been made to feel guilty for running openSUSE 11. Its the distro of the devil. Patent deals with MS, and all kinds of hatred towards Mono thrown into the mix. What can I say? Its an extremely well thought out and reliable distro. I have had awesome use out of version 11 which is the first version I honestly will say I prefer to Ubuntu. I have used Ubuntu primarily now for 3 years and have found the need to change. I won't criticise too much, but I will say that my experiences with Mandriva 2008, OpenSUSE 11 and Mint 5 have all been *very* positive and certainly more productive than with Ubuntu. Recent conversations about release cycles leave me leaning away from distros with a 6 month release cycle. I think we've reached the point where the amount of functionality going in is so great that the testing cycle is getting short changed. That is definitely an opinion that I subscribe to and I have taken a bit of flak for that. Some people seem to like the quic

Making amends

Some notes. Confession time. Despite my deepest efforts to get over it. I still miss Total Commander. I think its just the most awesome file manager on the planet. I have spent a lot of time getting Krusader to suit my needs, but I just keep hankering after that windows app. What makes matters worse is that it works perfectly under wine. I'm thinking of buying the bloody thing. I just wish the author could port it to linux. I have tried numerous linux clones, but they are just not suitable for me. I consider myself a power user of Total Commander so I have some very specific requirements. I have described it before, but suffice to say, using anything else is just not the same.

Guilty as charged

In the past I have been guilty of not updating blogs of mine on a regular basis... seems, in the present, this remains the case. Sad to say I have not been disciplined enough to keep the blog updated. Its pathetic, I know, but I will make a conscientious effort to keep it updated from now on. Mark my words. Let them come back and haunt me later...