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WinFF 1.5 New Features

Just sat down 2 hours ago to implement something that's been gnawing at me conscience for a while now. Its became more personal tonight when I looked at some videos I had recorded with my phone in portrait mode.  When played on my TV, they would play sideways.  Only video recorded with the phone rotate on its side would play fullscreen. A bit of consulting with my fellow WinFF devs reveals that ffmpeg can rotate it easily enough, so I set down to implement this functionality in WinFF. It took about 20 minutes to code and an hour to test during which time I ended up trimming some other little things on the way.  The following is the result. I realise that this screen is the very definition of unsexy, but its literally version 0.1 and it works.

Celebrating Crap

Just gotta say this somewhere. How powerful is a good ad compaign really? Apple just released the iPad Mini to the usual acclaim from the fanboys.  Where is the innovation?  What's so cool about it?  I just don't get it.  Same with the iPhone 5 and previous devices.  When will people wake up? Funnily enough, the thing that really annoyed me was seeing another review for a crap XBox Kinect title.  Without a doubt, this thing is a turd.  Its far more useful as a hack toy than a gaming device.  Every game that comes out has all kinds of control issues.  For some reason, the only genre that works with this thing is the dance game.  Don't take my opinion for it, just look at Metacritic, Gametrailers, etc. For some reason, Microsoft sells tons of the things and people still want more. I just don't get it.

WinFF 1.50 Incoming

Resumed work in cleaning up WinFF 1.5 Some nice new functionality in store for loyal users on the way.  I think users are going to like the new version.  Some of the new use cases that are possible with the new version. Scenario: You have some recorded show like an Awards Show, Live Concert or just a bunch of Music Videos.  You can now, add the file multiple times and then for each conversion, specify a start time & number of seconds to convert / extract to audio / video, etc.  This will allow you to extract that special ColdPlay Live moment that you want to watch over and over again... Scenario: You've ripped all your music to .flacs, but now you want to move them to your phone, which is space limited.  Well?  Why not convert a folder structure to .mp3's in place and then afterwards you can move the smaller .mp3's to your phone? Scenario: Don't like proprietary music?  As long as they are unencrypted, why not batch convert them to.ogg? Scenario: Same