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Portal 2

So, in what must be one of the slowest playthroughs of a game ever, I finished Portal 2.  No spoilers.  Great game.  EPIC ending song just like in original Portal. There is nothing else like these 2 games... Its an experience worth having just because it isn't like every other game you've ever played. I love the fact that my boxed retail copy activates a Steam copy for OSX as well.  Well done Valve. 9/10 Oh, and one last thing. Doesn't Wheatley sound awfully like Chris Martin?

iPad 2 vs Samsung 10" Tablet

So I broke down and bought my wife the iPad 2 upon its launch here in South Africa.  I bought it for a couple of reasons. 1) She loves her existing Apple kit.  Macbook / iPhone and iTunes make a comfortable environment she has mastered to the point that I am not needed for most of her work & play. 2) I didn't like the hardware spec of the original iPad, mainly due to the lack of camera's for skype.  It just seemed a wasted opportunity. 3) The price *IS* right.  It's way cheaper than the nearest competitor which is the 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab over here.  In fact, the entry level iPad is about 40% cheaper.  That's a huge difference. From what I've heard, the 10" Samsung hasn't been priced, but I ended up playing with it for a few hours.  I'm not sure if it was running the final software build, but it was running Honeycomb.  Compared to the 7" tab, it didn't have the Samsung specific software and bundled apps, but I had market acces