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Father's day memory stick lost

This year, on Father's day, my wife bought me a stunningly small usb memory stick. 32gb of space crammed into a tiny space. I knew it was a recipe for disaster, and on Friday, my fears were realised. I couldn't find it when I got home. I must have left it at work. It bugged me the entire weekend and so this morning I came in extra early to look for it. Oh no, an empty desk.  Have the cleaners been here?  What now?  Desperately, I move in closer... Is there something between the desk units?  It looks like something next to the telephone wire...Could it be?? It looks shiny, this is good.  What are the chances?  Could just be a coin or something?? Oh yeah!  Thank you thank you thank you....My nuts remain intact! So problem over, for now.  This bloody thing is so small I have to take extra care.  It had just slipped between the cracks WHILE I was packing up.  It was there and then suddenly it had disappeared.  I'm just glad there's a happy ending though

Another Xcellent Android Site This one is specifically for the HTC Desire, but navigate up a folder to access other Android devices like the HTC Legend, Nexus One, Motorola Droid, etc. In each sub-forum you will find like minded owners and their app recommendations and even downloads / links.

AppBrain for Android

Found a cool site to browse and install apps. Its an alternative to using the Market app on the phone. You create an account and install the appbrain app. From that point on, you can browse top apps, recommended apps in more detailed categories than on the normal Android Market on the phone. Being a desktop app, its more comfortable to browse and read the images & reviews. You get urls to click to install the apps you want and they sync wirelessly to the phone itself. Pretty sweet. I found apndroid and 3g watchdog here and installed them. pretty cool site.

HTC Desire Goodness

A couple of weeks ago my HTC Hero was stolen. Woe is me. However, I had used it enough to become an Android fan. I knew that my replacement phone would be another Sense based Android. I had a contract upgrade due as well and plumped for a HTC Desire. As Pat (from TLLTS) has been saying, the snapdragon processor is amazing. The phone is fast and responsive and makes the Hero seem pedestrian in comparison. Its quite a huge improvement in terms of usability. Android 2.1 is awesome and 2.2 looks set to shake things up when it launches on HTC. I can't wait. Some of the things I have installed include C64, Sega Genesis and Amiga Emulators, C64 Sidtune players and the amazing Tower Raiders game. Of course mundane things like RSS, MAPS, Video and Audio are totally catered for. I believe there is a divx player working as well, but haven't seen it on the Android Marketplace yet. The screen resolution is lovely and the camera seems unchanged in hardware from the Hero, but