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MythBox on Amahi

I've been running AMAHI as my principal server for a few months now. It Fedora 12 based and shares media wonderfully. Recently I picked up a Hauppauge PVR 150 and decided to get MythTV working. If you don't know what Myth is and what it can do, I suggest Youtubing it. I have always thought of Myth as a sort of exam or qualification. Once you reach a certain level of skill, you can get it working. It tests your patience and your skills, especially if you have non-standard hardware or live outside the US! Anyway, finally got it working *ON* the Amahi server. It was a real achievement for me in that I didn't have to do a fresh install of a clean Myth installation. I layered it on top of the existing Fedora 12 and Apache installation. Feeling pretty chuffed. Next job interview, if asked about my linux qualifications, would like to reply. I have a working MythTV backend with multiple frontends on Linux and OSX, but I'm sure that the interviewer would glaze ove

Fedora 13 disable gdm and enable kdm cannot login

After disabling GDM and using KDM instead, I could no longer log in as my normal user, only as root. It seemed like a permissions error. Seemed like KDM could not read my home folder. I ended up using the following command... restorecon -R -v /home to restore KDM. I restarted X and it worked again. Thanks to the original poster at

VAIO E-Series on Windows 7

I've mentioned before that my Windows 7 installation feels slow and sluggish. Having used Linux on the same box for almost a month now, I was curious enough to check out the slow windows performance this morning. Firstly, I was shocked that the 130gb partition was almost full. I just had 1 VM on it (XP ironically). This was about 40 gb. Nearly everything else was original Vaio supplied software. I was shocked at the amount of OEM software on this machine. I was going to blog that I have uninstalled 40 apps already, but its actually more. I have uninstalled about 30 apps already and there's still > 10 left in the control panel add / remove applet. What is truly scary is that this is only software with the word VAIO in the title. This excludes the Mcafee/Symantec/Adobe software which I am also going to remove. With names like "VAIO Content Monitoring Service", I am only too happy to remove these bits of bloat. I wonder if this software is being provide

Current Setup

Haven't really taken stock yet, but thought I'd list the current IP connected devices in the house. Desktop PC - OSX Snow Leopard Server - Fedora 12 + Amahi Laptop 1 - Ubuntu 10.04 / Win 7 Dualboot Laptop 2 - Ubuntu 10.04 Laptop 3 - Ubuntu 10.04 Laptop 4 - OSX Snow Leopard AppleTV 1 - OSX (Tiger?) AppleTV 2 - OSX (Ditto?) PS3 XBOX 360 Wii PSP 1 PSP 2 Nintendo DS 1 Nintendo DS 2 iPhone HTC Hero - Android 2.1 Damn! Never realised it was that many. I guess that's why my WiFI is so slow... Speaking of which.. Siemens Wireless N Router Linksys WRT 54G Router Marconi DSL Modem My 2 LCD TV's probably run embedded linux, but they're not technically ethernet capable so don't have to include them, but I wanted to push my device count > 20 and my linux device count > 10 ;) Does this mean I'm a geek???

VAIO E-Series on Linux

Still having fun. Got sound working thanks to the amazing folks on UbuntuForums. If you are having similar problems, google solutions using "hda-verb" to get the latest. Its a changing topic with improving fixes all the time so better to get the latest tips yourself to get it working. The one I used was taken from Which was linked on the Ubuntu Forums. Still having ATI 5650 problems. Apparently it works in Ubuntu 9.10, but since I'm running 10.04 beta, the problem is still evolving. Some people have it working on a fresh install, but I upgraded a 9.10 installation to 10.04 alpha and have been doing the daily updates. I might have some residual configs I need to delete before it works. Its a Friday afternoon now. Setting myself the goal of having it working by Monday.