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Steam error on OSX - Steam must be online

For the longest time, I have been getting an error when trying to run Steam on OSX.  As soon as I launched Steam, it would attempt to download patches and then fail miserably. I have followed many guides and attempted many fixes and this problem just wouldn't go away.  So, being a "read the manual if all else fails", I decided to check the support site at The solution to the problem was trivially easy.  Firstly, the error message was grossly inaccurate.  Steam complained that I needed to be online in order to update.  I clearly WAS online, but the actual problem was that the folder Steam was trying to update was write protected. Turns out that I was executing the read only copy of the file in the mounted STEAM.DMG file. Aaaargh.  How could I be so stupid.  Well, i was launching steam using Spotlight.  So I would hit Command-Space and then type in S,T,E and and it was defaulting the installation folder instead of the Applications folder.  I just

iPad 2 Launch Video - Almost caught up with Android

Congrats are due to Apple for the launch of the iPad 2.  Finally a device to tempt me away from Android.  Unfortunately, it's let down by a shockingly "last generation" screen and average hardware.  I was most impressed by the software and grudgingly concede that they are WAY ahead on the software front with the Apple created software like iWork, iMovie & Garageband. I think ultimately that's the only thing that would make me want to try it out.  Fantastic software.  I've spent a lot of time with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" and an  iPad 1.  If I had to choose only 1 device on the proverbial desert island, it would have to be the Android 1.  Compared to the iPad 2, I would probably plonk for the Apple. However, its still Q1 of 2011 and I expect that within 3 months we'll have an even larger choice of devices with equal or better hardware.  I find it hilarious that people can watch the iPad 2 video and thing its a major advance.   I think they missed a