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Impossible Game

So lately, one of my distractions has been The Impossible Game.  I have it on multiple systems and both myself and my daughter have been playing it. It's a game I dismissed at first for being unnecessarily difficult with very little reward.  Graphics are plain, music is catchy, but ultimately, I discarded it within 5 minutes of first picking it up. I just can't leave it alone though.  I keep picking it up, trying to beat level 1! It takes about 90 seconds to beat the first level if you play it perfectly.  That's the point though.  You HAVE to play it perfectly.  One mistake and you start again from the beginning.  It doesn't matter how far your have come, you always start at the beginning again.  Its frustrating, cruel and mocks you all the way with a lovely counter which increments with each failed attempt.  Chiding you, motivating you, but ultimately punishing you far more than the reward could ever be worth. And yet.  I still keep playing.  My 11 year old dau

Playing "The Impossible Game" on PS3 & Vita.

Playing "The Impossible Game" on PS3 & Vita. Its punishingly difficult. Playing it reminds me of bashing my head against a wall repeatedly in the hope that I'll hit the pleasure part of my brain eventually...If you feel the need for sadistic gameplay that flips you the finger to a lovely synthy soundtrack, give it a go. The Impossible Game Trailer - It takes about 90 seconds to beat level 1. I have not done it yet after a week of trying. There is only 1 key to press - Jump! All you need to do is jump at the right time and just as importantly DON'T JUMP at the right time. Come on, give it a try. Its on XBox 360 as well. I have seen some clones for Android and Flash on the Browser too. Go for it. Also found this playable demo of the first 15 seconds or so for the browser.