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To anyone using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch WIFI model P1010.

To anyone using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch WIFI model P1010. Highly recommend Gingerbread update. Fixes all issues I had with compatibility and hotkeys that stopped working on Samsung Firmware.

Updating Galaxy Tab 7" WiFi to Gingerbread

Just before Christmas 2011, a local store opened up offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" for what seemed like a ridiculous price.  Being a bit of an android fanboy, I picked it up for my daughter who was getting very attached to my Asus Transformer tablet. There was a lot going for it.  Good brand, good price and (I thought), good hardware & hacker support.  I love having custom roms and having the choice of functionality / mods I like. Turns out a little more research was in order.  This device has different hardware to the amazingly similar 3g version and seemed to be an outcast in the eyes of Samsung and the modding community.  To make matters worse, the "OFFICIAL" firmware is buggy and a pain to live.  Biggest fault was that its an older release (2.2) of android and that after a few hours use, two of the 4 soft buttons stop working.  It makes navigating the machine a pain when the home button no longer works, I can tell you.  Another particularly grating fact w