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I wish my camera took better photos

I just took delivery of some new stuff from Depeche Mode - Live in Barcelona BluRay Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus Remixes Depeche Mode - Remixes 2 80-11 (3 CD) Delivered amazingly quickly from the UK. I have left the cd's sealed and downloaded them from the Net instead.  Want to keep them in good condition.  Does this make me a criminal?  I'm never going to sell them or redistribute. So far I'm loving the newer mixes.  I have heard most of the older ones before and for some of the songs, I have other mixes I prefer so its a mixed result.  The Personal Jesus ones are all new and suitably Epic.  Can't believe it can still sound so good after all this time. All in all, a must have for fans and a nice compilation (the 3 cd's) if you want to remind yourself about a band that continues to evolve and improve. Suggest for more info.