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Jay looks exhausted after helping me tame my first Therezinosaurus (Clawmander).

Jay looks exhausted after helping me tame my first Therezinosaurus (Clawmander). He also parked his Quetzal and Ankylosaurus there for a couple of hours. I was amazed to learn how effective these things are at gathering minerals & resources. Damn! Thanks to Jay's Quetzal, I managed to regain all the metal I lost last week (200t) and more. In fact, with all the ingots refined, I now have a full metal jacket (suit). Thanks Jay. Can't wait to get back into the game.

I love little quirks of statistics.

I love little quirks of statistics. Andile Phehlukwayo, South Africa's fast bowler who bats 9 or 10th in the lineup currently has a batting average of 124. The highest in the team, nearly double that of AB de Villiers, one of the best players in the world. Andile has batted 5 rimes in 12 matches scoring a total of 124 runs. He has only been out once, so they divide his total runs / number of times out.

I got 58.836s in Silo Showdown. Check out how fast you can go:

I got 58.836s in Silo Showdown. Check out how fast you can go: This is one of those free mobile games with all the tricks to tempt you to part with your cash. You don't need to spend. Been playing for 3 months now. Interesting replay.

Baby steps.

Baby steps. Managed to get Elite working on my PSVR headset connected to PC in VR Mode with full head tracking lookaround goodness. Have not yet attempted walk around room type stuff as I don't have space. Only software required is TrinusPSVR. Screen resolution seems a bit low. Blocky fonts, etc, but I haven't yet optimised anything. My controls need reconfiguring as I lost my configs so flying around has been a bit dodgy as I limit myself to the training missions for now. Just want to confirm it works, looks amazing, feels amazing, but needs some graphical fixes. I hope that I can get it looking better if I keep playing with either ED or SteamVR settings. Anybody else doing this sort of thing?


PSVR I'm literally considering heading straight out and getting a PSVR. I'm having a shower and heading out. Somebody talk me out of it.

From 2.3 plans.

From 2.3 plans. "The gunner role allows a crewmember to take control of all turreted weapons on the ship. They do not need to jump between turret views though. Using a third person interface, they control a reticule that all turrets within their arc will automatically follow; giving them improved spatial awareness and easy control of all turreted weapons. Furthermore, the gunner has access to advanced sensor systems, allowing them three hundred and sixty degree tracking arcs. This lets them activate advanced scanners (such as the kill warrant scanner) and missile launchers in any direction." My reading of this seems to indicate that a multicrew ship in the middle of battle will have spatial awareness advantages way above that of a normal pilot. Wasn't this the precise reason why we have not had external camera views all this time? I spent a lot of time firing at chasing Thargoids using the rear turret view on the original Elite and even the internal left/right/back views
Sitting in Pretoria. Watched some Ark videos on the flight up. Frustrated that i can't play until Friday.