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What have I become

What have I become  My sweetest friend  Everyone I know goes away  In the end  RIP We're left with so many eclectic performances to savour. Thank you. #2017 #hurt

To those of you who played the division.

To those of you who played the division. I am currently weapon level 204. Enjoying the incursions and underground despite not yet finishing a single incursion. Currently world level 4 and playing with 2 mates. Not a lot of dark zone experience but enjoying the end game tweaking weaponsand build. Planning to get back into elite this week if i can get my mate to actually start his elite career. If you stopped playing the division once you hit level 30 it might be worth checking out the end game missions. You have to finish all encounters and side missions in a safe house region to unlock search and destroy which adds a little variety.