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Freshly installed OpenSUSE 11

I must say I was impressed with the OpenSUSE install. Smooth, slick and hassle free. Only issue is my display drivers are not included with the distro due to license restrictions from the vendor, so I have to download the driver from their repository to enable the full performance of the card. Will document little things as they occur post install.

Confession Time

This blog is poorly named. I am about to install OpenSUSE 11 this evening. I expect I will have some teething issues having being an ubuntu user for a while, but I am starting to get a little frustrated by Ubuntu. Its hard to explain, but I think its time to give OpenSUSE another look. The main issues I didn't like about it have been addressed and I think that I am starting to get lazy and need to experiment and try something different. I have a fairly comfortable Ubuntu Hardy setup with streaming to ps3 and all kinds of goodness working, so it will be a good experiment to see how long it takes to get back to the same level of comfort with a smoking hot new distro. Remember kids: When you're changing / reinstalling distro's, remember to use a separate partition for your home folder!
Quick update More myth messing and experimenting. Learning more and more about getting this environment working. Quite refreshing working on myth this time around. Had lots of teething hassles in the past but things are much smoother these days.
MythTV Remote Frontend Cannot Connect! That was pretty much the biggest problem encountered this week. It reminded me of the old days when I got started with Suse Linux and couldn't find my way around forums and help pages to solve problems. My approach to these sorts of technical challenges has also gotten rusty over the years as things have worked very consistently for the most part. I had set myself the mission of getting mythtv working with a windows, mac, ps3, psp and linux frontend accessing the same content. The Mac and psp don't have native myth clients so they used a combination of upnp and samba for accessing. All of the connections work fine over wireless although I reckon I can't have too many of them streaming at the same time. At any rate, my biggest challenge was getting any kind of remote access working. Most of the help texts pointed out quite correctly that I had to enable access to the mythtv mysql user from all hosts on the local subnet, but few

Out of town blues

I've been away from home for a week and had no access to my desktop pc, of course. I've been forced to use XP this week to integrate with work colleagues and this week's experienced has motivated me to get my work dualboot XP partition converted to a Virtual Machine asap. I guess this process will also give me some more content for the blog. In the meantime, I've found an application called Double Commander which is a cross platform Total Commander - inspired file manager. Its still in its infancy, but the coolest part is that its written in Lazarus, which I am at least partly familiar with. I am going to investigate if I can actually contribute code to the app. It would really be cool to have participated in an OSS project. I am investigating it as we speak :)