Never seen this before. Confused.

Never seen this before. Confused.


Michael Birke said…
I noticed the Krait first, can't wait to get one myself. There are apparently quite some notable stellar phenomena that are either crystals or life forms. Interaction with them seems fairly limited, but apparently work via special limpets and controllers.

Can't stop smiling at them being slightly purple when reflecting light, I have an unmanly thing going for that particular color. That's also why I love(d) the Vanu in Planetside 2 so much.
G. Yam said…
never seen before....

~reminds me of a space minefield or barricades
Matthias Heine said…
If you find some Molluscs nearby make sure to switch on your external lights! 😉
James Dominguez said…
Be sure to scan them. There are three or four different types.
Ian Stoffberg said…
James Dominguez scanned with composition scanner. There were 2 types present.
Rogier Schaaf confused as how to engage/not engage. The gamer in me wanted to shoot it. The explorer wanted to observe only in case it's alive. I had gotten a BIOLOGICAL codex entry so decided on the latter.

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