Turn it up loud.

Turn it up loud.
Edit: I posted this quickly as I had listened to it while driving. Obviously I don't watch the video in the car, but I left the dominatrix channel on.

When I got to the shops I had to share.

World in my Eyes is a great song with some great remixes. I bought the cd single a fews ago and next to Personal Jesus, it had some really great b-sides (on a cd!). Happiest Girl and Sea of Sin are good competition to Dangerous & Kalleid of of PJ's single.

What blew me away (AGAIN) was the video having sync'ed Dave Gahan vocal clips. I love it. Even then bloody font is awesome.

If you're a DM fan and have not subscribed to Dominatrix, I think you're missing out.
#depechemode #dominatrixrmx DominatrixRMX


eric j scott said…
Hey Ian,
You and your family have a wonderful Christmas
from all of us...hope Santa is good to you 😀😀😀

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Ian Stoffberg said…
Same to you and yours! Remember to watch a nice Christmas movie. I recommend Die Hard!

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